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Vinod Jain is an expert in global and digital strategy, award-winning professor, Fulbright Scholar, and author of an MBA textbook on Global Strategy. His next strategy book, Global Meets Digital: Global Strategy for Digital Businesses; Digital Strategy for Global Businesses, will be published by Taylor & Francis in spring 2023. He taught at the Rutgers Business School, Newark and New Brunswick, and the Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, College Park. At Maryland, he was also the Founding Director of the federally funded Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) and Academic Director of Smith School’s Executive MBA program in China. Since leaving Maryland, he has taught in China, Denmark, Finland, Poland, and India as a visiting or term professor. His opinion pieces have appeared in The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, Mensa Bulletin, and Economic Times and Mint (India's #1 and #2 business dailies). In the past, he worked as a middle- and senior-level executive with American and British multinationals.

Executive Education

With over 30 years of experience in university teaching, executive education, and research, Vinod offers corporate and association clients learning solutions in the areas of his expertise, namely, strategy and global business. He has conducted and spoken on over a hundred executive and scholarly seminars and conferences.

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Book Cover - How America Benefits
Book Cover - How America Benefits

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Vinod speaks on a variety of themes related to his areas of interest, namely, strategy, global business, and digital business (broadly defined).  Here’s a sample of some of the topics on which he has spoken in the past for associations and corporations. 

  • Rules and Tools of Digital Business

  • Entering and competing in Foreign Markets

  • Emerging Markets: Why We Should Care

  • Globalization and Technology

  • America and the Global Economy

  • Doing Business in India (or China)


Comments of Bowling Green State University President, Dr. Sidney Ribeau, on camera and broadcast
on PBS, November 2, 1999 (Business Forum designed and chaired by Vinod Jain:

Northwest Ohio in the New Millennium: Opportunities and Challenges for Business)

“What universities need to do, and I would like to take a moment to credit Dr. Jain, is to create forums for discussion like this. One role that universities have served for thousands of years, since the first university, is to provide a place and space for dialog about important issues –
about issues that are vital to the economic wellbeing of our society, to our social wellbeing, to
the values that really determine our families and our futures. Universities must continue to
engage in these kinds of activities. Dr. Jain, you are to be credited for creating this forum.”

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Opinion: Has America gone socialist?

Regarding Robert J. Samuelson’s March 25, 2019 op-ed, “Has America gone socialist?”:

Programs mentioned by Mr. Samuelson such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps and unemployment insurance do not make the United States a welfare state.


They are the kinds of social safety net programs that all civilized societies should offer. The programs enjoy public approval not because “they seem the decent thing to do” but because they are the essential thing to do in a civilized society. Experience shows only capitalist societies generate the resources that can sustain a safety net.

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Recent Blog Posts

One More Time: What is the Purpose of Business?

The question came up during the closing session of the 1995 annual conference of the Strategic Management Society in Mexico City.  (The Strategic Management Society is a U.S.-based scholarly association of some 3,000 members interested in strategic management of organizations; members are largely business school professors and doctoral students).  The closing session of the conference featured business school deans at the conference answering participants’ questions.  Everything was going well until a young lady stunned the scholarly gathering with a most unexpected question: “What is the purpose of business?” she asked. She was clearly perplexed that the business world—unlike the legal profession, whose purpose is justice for all, or the medical profession, which is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of all—offered no clear objectives.

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